Photo of Kef(Keif) Parker

Kef(Keif) Parker

Detroit, MI, United States

Kef Parker Bio Kef Parker(Keif) has been practicing as a Self-taught Artist since 1981. The time he spent investing in his creative Arts/Design career has allowed him the ambition to further pursue and invest his interest not only as a creative Artist but professionally as an Industrial Designer, Trained Architectural Model Maker, Materials Fabricator, Structural Designer, Exhibit designer, Project Manager, Gallery Owner and someone who enjoys creating works for the community. Kef’s Artist/Design career started with pencil and ink sketches but developed into 2D/3D techniques using many various types of Materials, Tools and Technologies because he enjoyed more the 3D aspect of arts and design. Leather was his early materials of choice which he used creatively for push boundaries in creative ways and for selling. In 1991 Kef moved from Detroit to Denver, Co where he continued to practice and progress in his leather craft skills for which he would sell at craft show’s. In 2003 Kef graduated from Metropolitan State College with a BA as an Industrial Designer focused on Furniture Design. He gained employment as an Architectural Model Maker. In 2008 Kef returned home to Detroit where he won several community grants that allowed him to exercise his creative boundaries and build 3D Sculptural forms and Street Furniture. The infusion of his self taught arts crafts added with his professional trained designer skills allowed him to develop textures of functional 3D forms. Working with Auto-CAD computer Technologies, Laser Cutting Equipment, Welding and Project managing are a few of the skills which Kef has used to help grow his profession. Kef Parker 720 291 3559

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  • Photo of Urban Warrior (He that makes Sounds)

    Urban Warrior (He that makes Sounds)

    2012 ArtPrize Entry Kef(Keif) Parker
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