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Katrina Canfield

Frankenmuth, MI, United States

I have attended the Kansas City Art Institute, Memphis Collage of Art and Design and Eastern Michigan University. I have been privileged to work under many amazing artists, learning from their techniques and styles. I was part of a collaborated fiber installation piece under the direction of Robert Brady, the piece is displayed in the Crescent Center, Memphis, TN. My area of concentration originated in three dimensional, I have recently discovered a new passion for the two dimensional. I have currently fallen in love with the medium of powder and stick pastel applied on insulation board. Using insulation board as my foundation gives me the freedom of no size or weight restrictions. I continue to have projects in the works involving stop motion animation film, in collaboration with Sam Tang Production Studio's. I have been very fortunate to have shown and continue to show my work in multiple exhibitions. I'm extremely grateful for any recognition that is given whether, it be for a private collection, commission, group collaboration or award. My work is constantly evolving and growing, I strive to continue to learn and grow artistically, without limiting myself to one particular area of study.

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