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Photo of Karyn Stetz

Karyn Stetz

Ypsilanti, MI, United States

My background includes a BFA in Painting and Graphic Design from Eastern Michigan University. I have exhibited in several shows, both group and solo. My primary media are painting, photography and digital art. However I consider myself a process artist and utilize several different media depending on the inspiration and direction each work takes as it develops. Other media I often incorporate are photography, video, light, found objects, charcoal, pastel, and whatever else seems to fit the current project in the moment. Currently I am heading in a direction more oriented towards installation. Exploring and experimenting with the boundaries of painting have led me to an area of installation versus painting, and contemplating which category it fits because it fits both. As a process artist, exploration and experimentation drive my works. Representation is not my main objective when I create. Whether or not the result of a particular piece is representational is due to my experimental process; I created through my processes and if the result is nonrepresentational then the processes lent themselves to a more abstract result. As far as subject matter is concerned, I tend to focus mostly on concepts of light and color, not only in a scientific sense, but also a metaphysical sense. I am interested in scientific principals of light, such as the fact that it is energy, it is both particle and wave and representing these concepts via process and experimentation, not necessarily through visual accuracy. Also interesting for me is the metaphysical aspects of light and energy, how it relates to us as living beings and what it means in the greater sense of our ephemeral time on this Earth. As humans, we look for patterns to validate our existence and give meaning to our lives. This comes into question in my works as I create them through an experimental process. As I create my artworks my experimentation creates new processes and my work path takes on its own life. I like to further manipulate and explore my works through photography, drawing, computer manipulation, and installation, from which new ideas and paintings emerge. Keeping the creative input open and unlimited aids in my experimentation of working in a process driven manner; openness to experiment also keeps me excited about finding unexpected results in my works that I can explore further in future works.

Karyn's ArtPrize Entries

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    2015 ArtPrize Entry Karyn Stetz
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    Nocturne Aglow

    2012 ArtPrize Entry Karyn Stetz
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