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Julio Blanco

Cape Coral, Florida, United States

Born in Camaguey, Cuba in 1970. Graduated from the Camaguey Professional Art School Academy in 1991. Throughout my training in arts, I focused on sculpture and the academic study. My artwork uses stark contrast, dramatic lines and realism. This creates sculptured images that are real to the touch. Though I view art as my destiny of expression, my style is an essential, complete and sincere form. My inspiration is born from my Cuban roots and I am driven by the passion for creation. My work expresses a blend of my life experiences in Cuba and the United States. It is a reverence for life and the human form, and a raw spirituality. It is not easy to understand the true value of art and its aspects for everyone. So much is materialized and modernized today. Many have forgotten about their morals and spiritual incite of their lives because of the focus on TV shows, Hollywood, lottery games, casinos, immoderate technology development and many other... More at

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