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Photo of Judith Hemeleski

Judith Hemeleski

Iron River, MI, United States

I have Always Loved Art! When I was in Junior High, I was chosen to go to Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp. I have never had the honor of any formal art education. But that did not slow down my drive to do as much art as possible. I taught stained glass for over 20 years and then switched to pottery for the last 10 or so. I play with everything from carving to painting to glass blowing and manipulating. In the beginning of 2017, I went to AZ for a wedding and saw a painting in a hotel that rocked my world. I knew then that I had collected things all my life for a reason. That is when Mr. 2 was born. He took 15 months, from designing to completion. I so Loved watching him develop in front of me. He is my gift to my children as well as myself. The time I slipped away from everyone else and locked myself in my basement to develop him was a gift to myself as well as a gift to my children to show them that you have to follow your passions. When I stumbled along the way, I was supported by my daughter Kat, my husband Mike and my son Bob and his wife Sarah. I could not have done it without them. I can only hope I can make even just one person inspired to go for their dreams. Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy my creation.

Judith's ArtPrize Entries

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    "Mr. 2" Time Machine

    2018 ArtPrize Entry Judith Hemeleski
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  • Judith's past work