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Jon Sanders

North Hampton, NH, United States

I have a BA in studio art from The University of New Hampshire. Over the past 10 years I have been primarily focusing on what I like to call "Synchronistic Art". I would describe that as a form of art that has spontaneously been created through a multitude of natural occurrences coming together to produce an image. For example, seeing images in passing clouds, or in the textures of rocks, etc. I created a series of books containing incredible photos of these occurrences all around us in everyday life. You can see them at I have recently been interested in personally creating this phenomena in my art work by using a meditative, intuitive mark making technique that allows spontaneous images to appear throughout the entire painting. Thereby creating a synchronistic environment for these manifestations to occur on a two dimensional surface. At first I created some works using completely random, unconscious marks, similar to automatic drawing techniques. Lately however I have been incorporating a subject matter into the process which has created an interesting tension between conscious and unconscious mark making. The results have been pretty amazing to me? Random marks coming together to form the image of the primary subject matter, as well as countless images throughout the entire painting. These meditation paintings are mounted on a rotating frame so they can be spun a quarter turn at a time and be viewed as four different experiences. This also forces the viewer to abandon thoughts about the subject matter and experience the mark making directly. The viewer should relax the mind and allow their eyes to freely roam the surface of the painting. Step in close to the painting and move back from it. Allow several minutes of mindful gazing until turning the painting a quarter turn and starting again. What images are you seeing through out the painting as your mind relaxes?

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  • Photo of 360 Degree Rotating Meditation Painting Number 2

    360 Degree Rotating Meditation Painting Number 2

    2017 ArtPrize Entry Jon Sanders
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