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Alpha/Omega Monument

John Melvin's avatar John Melvin

I propose to create a public large-scale exterior intervention in which the sculpture simultaneously imposes and interacts with a specific site. The particular structure that I have in mind is a chaotic geodesic configuration that allows for multiple iterations and can adapt to nearly any environment. Specifically the material will be repurposed lumber typical of the housing industry. The purpose of this application is to draw attention to our social- economic predicament relating to growth in a post globalized environment. As the site is on an old mill foundation in front of the Grand Rapids Public Museum, a historical museum, the site has even more relevance regarding the installation. The desired affect will ultimately be to stimulate dialogue towards the intervention as to their metaphorical nature. As an intervention, is it an infestation, abomination, or industrial anomaly? Ultimately the answer lies with the citizens and voting members of ArtPrize and Grand Rapids.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 3-D
  • Depth: 15
  • Medium: repurposed industrial materials
  • Width: 15
  • Year created: 0
  • Height: 30