Bear & Bull 2011

Jodi Endicott's avatar Jodi Endicott

This work includes two panels--one of a life-size bear and the other a large bull. This confrontation between the bear and bull, symbolizes the ongoing power struggle between positive/ negative, good/bad, yin/yang. "Bear & Bull 2011" is a collage in 3'relief made of found objects such as newspapers, stock charts, wire, plastic, etc., and incorporate paint, pencil, charcoal, etc., as well. At first glance this work may appear to be about the stock market but on further contemplation, viewers will see how these two beasts are really comprised of the metaphors of life. I've created similar pieces of birds and horses and find that viewers like to spend time with these works as they relate to the everyday objects being presented in a different way. This work is currently being created to be adapted to fit a storefront or wall. I've created a series of works on the stock market for the past 15 years...for additional information visit the "Stock Market Series" at

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
  • Depth: 1
  • Medium: found objects, paint, wire
  • Width: 8
  • Year created: 0
  • Height: 4