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Photo of Jesse Armour

Jesse Armour

Grand Rapids, MI, United States

Hello My name is Jesse and I am from Grand Rapids. I am just some dude that got kind of obsessed with the 4th dimension over the pandemic. I found a lot of 2D images of cubes, much like most of us have doodled before. There were 3D animations, but I wanted to stand before one. That was the inspiration for ALL AROUND YOU. To create a 3D representation of a 4D cube. Months have been spent designing and hand crafting this 4 axis hypercube. I have created a piece that I hope conjures the same feelings of wonder, confusion and awe that trying to comprehend the imperceivable can bring.

Jesse's ArtPrize Entries

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  • Photo of All around you.

    All around you.

    2021 ArtPrize Entry Jesse Armour
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