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Photo of Jeffrey Breslow

Jeffrey Breslow

Chicago, IL, United States

Jeffrey Breslow graduated with a BFA in Industrial Design from the University of Illinois in 1965. While there he designed automobiles, furniture, appliances, telephones, tools and toys. He knew while still in school, that he wanted to spend his life designing toys and games. Breslow wanted to work for Marvin Glass, a well-know and prominent independent toy designer in Chicago. Glass was not hiring so Breslow went to work for American Hospital Supply Corporation and spent two years designing and inventing medical equipment and supplies. At night, he was designing toys and games to build up a portfolio so when the opportunity presented itself at Marvin Glass & Associates he would be ready. April 11, 1967 was the day 24-year old Breslow interviewed with Marvin Glass and got a job as a toy designer. Less that 2 years later, Breslow was made a partner at Marvin Glass and Associates. He was the youngest of the 10 partners in the company with 70 employees. At the time, Glass was the largest independent toy design firm in the world. The genius of Marvin Glass was that he created the business of the independent toy design world, licensing ideas to all the major US and world toy manufactures. Glass recognized young talent and in a serious way made them part of the company Shortly after Marvin died in 1974, Breslow, age 34, was made managing partner of Marvin Glass and Associates In 1988, Jeffrey and two of his partners from Glass closed the company and started their own toy design company. It was then that Breslow Morrison Terzian and Associates became the successor of Marvin Glass and Associates. Also in 1988, Jeffrey Breslow, Howard Morrison and Rouben Terzian were inducted into the Toy Manufactures Hall of Fame in New York City. At that time, the only other toy designer inducted into the hall of fame was Marvin Glass. In 2003, Breslow Morrison Terzian and associates changed it’s name to Big Monster Toys. Today is is a thriving independent toy design company. Breslow left BMT in 2008, after a 41-year successful career with hundreds of U.S. toy and game patents to his name leading to numerous successful products. Today he pursues his second full time career as a sculptor. In the summer of 2015, he had a six-month solo sculpture show with 27 pieces (indoor and outdoor) at Willis Tower (formulary Sears Tower). He recently opened up his own gallery in the west loop in Chicago, the cities hottest new neighborhood. Breslow still continues to create sculptures, all types of consumer products and most recently, a television game show. Breslow, a life-long Chicagoan, is an avid hiker, skier and adventure traveler. He has 3 grown sons and now 4 grandsons. www.jeffreybreslowsculpture.com

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