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Sleepwalking around the Peach Garden

Jae Won Lee's avatar Jae Won Lee

Sleepwalking Around a Peach Garden (Mongyudowondo), is a title of a famous landscape painting of Utopia of Asia, painted in 1447 by An Gyeon in the Choson Dynasty, Korea. Mongyudowondo is considered to be one of the greatest masterpieces of dream scenery, arranging the real world on the left panel and the world of paradise on the right. The painting is composed of a number of independent scenes, but still gives the viewer the feeling of floating between reality and fantasy at first glance. My piece is based on the peach garden of this ancient Korean painting, which I learned when I was a young child growing up in Korea. The piece suggests a dream journey to the immortal peach orchard hidden deep in the mountains. By using collection of recyclable paper product, I created a peach garden in time of trials on personal and global arenas, hoping to impart a sense of hope and rejuvenation.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 3-D
  • Depth: 0
  • Medium: recycled paper, threads, tape
  • Width: 0
  • Year created: 2010
  • Height: 0