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Top 10

Cavalry, American Officers, 1921
First Place: $250,000

Cavalry, American Officers, 1921

Chris LaPorte
Art Form
  • Svelata
    Second Place: $100,000


    Mia Tavonatti
  • Lure/Wave, Grand Rapids
    Third Place: $50,000

    Lure/Wave, Grand Rapids

    Beili Liu
  • A Matter Of Time
    Fourth Place: $7,000

    A Matter Of Time

    Paul Baliker
  • Vision
    Fifth Place: $7,000


    David Spriggs
  • Helping mom one penny at a time
    Sixth Place: $7,000

    Helping mom one penny at a time

    Wander Martich
  • Dancing With Lions
    Seventh Place: $7,000

    Dancing With Lions

    Bill Secunda
  • salt & earth (garden for Patricia)
    Eighth Place: $7,000

    salt & earth (garden for Patricia)

    Young Kim
  • SteamPig
    Ninth Place: $7,000


    The Steam Pig Experiment Birks, Jensen
  • Elephant Walk
    Tenth Place: $7,000

    Elephant Walk

    Fredrick Prescott

Juried Awards

  • Garden Party, Chez Hatfield
    2-D Work: $7,000

    Garden Party, Chez Hatfield

    Andrew Lewis Doak and Adrian Clark Hatfield
  • XLoungeSeries
    3-D Work: $7,000


    Mark Wentzel
  • The Jettisoned
    Time/Performance-Based Work: $7,000

    The Jettisoned

    Yoni Goldstein
  • Plan B
    Best Use of Urban Space: $7,000

    Plan B

    Rick and Rose Beerhorst, Andre Beaumont, and Mike Hoyte
  • Evaporative Buildings
    International Award: $7,000

    Evaporative Buildings

    Alex Schweder La
  • A Matter Of Time
    Sustainability Award: $7,000

    A Matter Of Time

    Paul Baliker


2-D Work

Juror: Patricia Phillips

3-D Work

Juror: Xenia Kalpaktsoglou

Time/Performance-Based Work

Juror: Judith Barry

Best Use of Urban Space

Juror: Jeff Speck

International Award

Jurors: Brett Colley, David Greenwood, Deborah Rockman, Norwood Viviano

Sustainability Award

Juror: Cascade Engineering