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Haley Joseph

Alto, MI, United States

Greetings. I'm a beach junkie, doughnut connoisseur, tea drinker, Enneagram #7...who just happens to be a mother, artist, writer and traveler. Over the past three years, my life has been flipped upside down or right side up. The roof on our country home collapsed due to snow in the winter of 2014. This cut off electricity to our barn, and the dream life I had been living as a homesteading, grain grinding, crunchy momma disappeared almost overnight. Everything I thought I was at that point: a mother, wife, homemaker, shepherdess and former social worker, was put to the test. The fires of affliction that tested me also gave me new eyes and a hunger for beauty...which led me to express my emotions with the help of the brush, paper, inks and words...all of this is a painted prayer for me. The Creator has been recreating my whole life, one that I live in a house covered by a silver tarp (that verges on barely inhabitable) as we wait for the legal battles to be fought in court with the insurance company who refuses to repair our home. I am forever grateful to know that my story is not over. Inspiring others with the message of my journey through great loss gives me hope to endure the battle and await the victory yet to come.

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    Invisible Blues

    2017 ArtPrize Entry Haley Joseph
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