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Photo of Greg Bokor

Greg Bokor

Beverly, MA, United States

After Graduated from the College for Creative Studies in 1985, Greg Bokor headed east to Providence, Rhode Island to work in Advertising. As an art director and creative director working at Leonard, Monahan, Lubars & Kelly, Mullen, BBDO and various other agencies, Greg won numerous awards at prestigious International Award Shows, such as Cannes, The One Show and Communication Arts. Greg Bokor started a company, Cloud Factory Inc., in 2004 and continues to work with Advertising Agencies across the country. Greg is shifting his time to his artwork and other design projects. His artwork ranges from cause related to philosophical observations of the world around him. Greg is not married to any particular medium but chooses and prefers to experiment with a range and whatever the particular idea calls for. “I believe art, created by people who tend to think differently, can encourage the viewer, who may not naturally think differently, to do so.” This is Greg’s 1st entry in ArtPrize.

Greg's ArtPrize Entries

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