Photo of Gil Bruvel

Gil Bruvel

Wimberley, TX, United States

Born in Sydney, Australia, in 1959, Gil Bruvel's French-born parents moved the family back to the south of France when he was 4 years old. While taking drawing lessons at age 9 and learning sculpture basics, Gil made the decision to spend his life creating art. There he found himself inspired by the light and landscapes in this region. He began working with oil paint at the age of 12 and the local environment had an enormous and lasting influence on his palette –giving him luminous colors he continues to use today. In 1974, taking this knowledge and experience with him, Gil apprenticed at The Art Restoration Workshop in Chateaurenard, France under M. Laurent de Montcassin, and spent the next three years learning the techniques of the Old and Modern Masters. Gil’s apprenticeship included restoration of large ceilings and frescoes in churches and chapels, to easel paintings and contemporary works. At the Workshop, he also received a complete education in Art History and his studies covered the 14th - 20th Century artists. Thereafter he set up his studio in St. Remy de Provence until 1986 when he first made his way to the United States, making it his permanent residence in 1990. At that time he started to experiment more with sculptures in bronze, mixed media as well as continuing to learn about creative processes in artistic expression.

Gil's ArtPrize Entries

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