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Stevensville, MI, United States

ABOUT FRANK SMALL I was born April 9, 1945 in Mercy Hospital Benton Harbor, Michigan. I had my first Show at a gathering on the lawn of the Benton Harbor Methodist Peace Temple at the tender age of six years old. My mother took me by the hand, sat me on a chair in front of an easel and with my left hand I drew impromptu pictures suggested by the crowd. I had no idea at the time what a gift I had. I spent my formative years drawing on anything I could find with my Mother who fully supported my artistic ability. At the age of 12 my father suggested that I begin working in the Metal Fabrication business. Over many intense conversations my Mother finally relented, and by the age of 17 I was running my own crew and this work afforded me the experience in creating art from steel. Between my college experiences, I continued on at the shop fabricating many complicated pieces for the Army, Navy and Air Force while working on and acquiring my “American Society of Mechanical Engineers”R” stamp from the “National Board”, not an easy task! Creativity comes to people in many different ways, I not only enjoyed drawing and painting but enjoyed the creations I could make with working with every metal or medium available to me. My experiences and work in a family fabrication business has brought me to a time where I can create artistic pieces that will survive well after me, from the delicacy of paintings to the power and strength of steel. Frank Small

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