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"Mind's Eye" came to me through meditation. The swirling colors represent the energy of each chakra dancing in my body when I practice specific chanting meditations. As a Kundalini yogi, I practice the Aquarian Sadhana, an early morning meditation that consists in chanting 7 different mantras for about an hour. Chanting is a very healing practice where you project your voice within, using your body as an instrument, instead of projecting your voice outwards like when you sing. The sound that you are producing then resonates within you, moving energy blocks and balancing your chakra system. As an artist, I love imagining the different effects of each mantra on that chakra system, and visualizing it like a painting in my mind. Join artist Susanne Werblow, Sunday September 26 at 10 AM to experience such a guided meditation and learn to feel and visualize energy. No experience needed, bring a yoga mat or a meditation cushion, or just sit in a chair.