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It's "GOODNIGHT, ABSALOM!", the latest ALL-AGES stage production from the Fox & Beggar Theater! This existential comedy fuses STREET THEATER, PUPPETRY, and CONTEMPORARY DANCE into a whimsical critique of late stage capitalism, performed out of our hand-painted pop-up solar-powered double-decker Vaudeville stage! * * * * * * * * Come catch a FREE performance on Thursday and Friday evening at 555 Monroe. Bring a lawnchair and a friend! Find it on FB at https://www.facebook.com/events/544668806583186/ Show starts at 7:30 and will run approximately 75 minutes. * * * * * * * * Here’s the set-up: In the fictional town of Absalom, a surreal chess match is played between two demonic railroad barons known as the White King and the Black King. Their strange game moves through a series of poignant and unique vignettes -- the Dance of the Pawns, the Dance of the Knights, the Dance of the Bishops, etc. -- in which the unfortunate chess pieces find themselves being made to do battle inside a prison they do not fully understand. As the game progresses, the chess pieces begin to become cognizant of their bleak situation … and attempt to lead a rebellion against the game itself.