COLLECT THIS WORK. SEPTEMBER 21 6 - 9 PM Hosted by Conduit Design Studio, 80 Ottawa In partnership with ArtPrize and Conduit Studios, Tyler Loftis and Chris Protas of the Fire Barn Gallery present a two-night event, designed to forge artist-collector relationships that inform the geographically diverse, emerging markets of the contemporary art world. As curators of the $20,000 two-dimensional juried award in 2013, Loftis and Protas welcomed a total of 20 internationally collected artists to ArtPrize 2013. In addition to their juried award, two other artists were selected for the prestigious ArtPrize Encore show, displaying their work alongside Picasso and Calder for six months at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. Artwork will be priced at - a guaranteed minimum of 20% off certified (or established gallery) pricing. In addition, 20% of the total sales will be donated to arts education at ArtPrize. COLLECT THIS WORK. JOIN US: SEPTEMBER 21 6 - 9 PM COLLECT THIS WORK. Starting 6 years ago Chris Protas, a New York artist, decided to call West Michigan home. Then 3 years ago, with the help of Tyler Loftis, another New York artist originally from this area, they founded The Fire Barn Gallery in Grand Haven Michigan, a nonprofit gallery solely dedicated to the exposure and mixing of local national and talent abroad. They have had over 40 shows in four years. Join us September 21st for a rare chance to collect work by professionals at a reduced price! Hosted by Conduit Design Studio, 80 Ottawa. Fire Barn Gallery Tyler Loftis lives in New York City. He attended the New York Studio School and The New York Academy of Art. His work has recently been exhibited with Marc Rothko, Robert DeNiro Sr. and Paul Resika. Chris Protas is Director of the Fire Barn Gallery. He attended the New York Studio School where he was awarded a full year scholarship for three years. His work is in many collections nationally, including Philipe de Montebello, Director Emeritus of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.