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Game times and days: Friday: 6pm - 8pm Saturday: 5pm - 7pm Sunday: 5pm - 7pm

Bring yourself some water to stay hydrated and your A-Game because it's looking like there will be some competition!

All are welcome to the new Art Prize submission mural artwork that your local artist Edwin Anderson has created for the community of Grand Rapids to enjoy. This artwork wasn't so much create to compete in hopes of winning any awards but to create something fun, vibrant, and space activating for the residents and communities of Grand Rapids. It was created for the people who love to go to the park and play basketball or have picnics and barbecues with their friends and family. Its goal is to help beautify the parks that sometimes feels like it was left abandoned and lifeless. Wanting to create a sense of unique value to the community that utilizes this space most often. Bring more people to come out and appreciate a beautiful artwork that they can also interact with while playing on top of it. So, the plan during the last week of the Art Prize festival is to have people come out and enjoy the beautiful weather that we have left before winter hits. We want to have organized open runs for people of all ages to participate. Currently, with two full basketball courts, we have enough space for two full-court games. We'll be teaming with "All-In Sports" organization which is founded by Dominic Shannon. We'll be planning to do the scoreboard with a timer for each game to keep the natural flow going smoothly. There will be a lot of Grand Rapids talented athletes coming out to play, so if you just want to come out and watch some fun and free entertainment then come out and enjoy.