Photo of Erica Eash

Erica Eash

Marshall, MI, United States

Hello! I am, what I would consider, a closet-artist. I love to create things, but it's almost always for my own personal enjoyment rather than for display. This is the first time that I'm putting my work out there for the public to enjoy. How exciting! I've always gravitated towards mixed media collage as it allows me to work with my hands and use a variety of different processes to complete a piece. Painting is very different from drawing in small details with pen, which is also very different from piecing together bits of magazines. I find each method relaxing (and inspiring!), and love having the ability to bounce around the different techniques when I get bored (or stuck). As a young girl I would flip through issues of Vogue and collect editorial images that I thought were interesting. All of my friends had their rooms decorated with pictures, but I had magazine clippings stuck to my ceiling. I didn't know who the people were in these images, I just knew that something about them inspired me. I really believe that this was laying the groundwork for the artistic style that I would develop in the years to come. My pieces always have a very feminine feel, and yet I love to convey that sense of fire being mixed with a little bit of water. The ladies I create are never just wilting flowers! I am your classic small-town girl from Marshall, Michigan. I lived in Grand Rapids for seven years while attending GVSU. I'm so happy to see the city thriving and providing such a wonderful event for people all over the world to showcase their creativity. I am honored to participate as an artist this year.

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