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Eric Freitas

Royal Oak, MI, United States

I graduated from Center for Creative Studies in 1999, where I was trained in design, painting and sculpture. I made the rather drastic switch to clockmaking because of an idea that I couldn’t turn away from. Clockmakers are hard to come by in the Detroit area, so I had to learn the craft on my own. My father was an automotive-engineer, and his knowledge was invaluable when it came time to find the necessary tooling, and setup to fabricate clock parts. With a couple of old machines discarded from the auto industry, and a few used horology books, I set out to make my first clock. After cutting my first gear from scratch, I was hooked, and haven’t stopped since.

Eric's ArtPrize Entries

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    Twisted Twelve

    2018 ArtPrize Entry Eric Freitas
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Eric's Past Work

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  • Eric's past work
  • Eric's past work
  • Eric's past work