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Eric Dickson

New York, NY, United States

Eric Dickson (1975 Los Angeles; lives and works in New York and Washington) My artistic practice explores the frontier between storytelling and installation art, embracing literary, technical, and site-specific challenges: broadcasting fragmentary tales of an epic desert journey from antique wardrobes dispersed around square miles of a real desert, retelling the history of US foreign policy through an audio installation triggered by an array of motion detectors, developing a unique soundscape blending first-person narrations of dreams with scripted dreams constructed from recycled parts. My installations often involve interactive components, and transform visitors’ perceptions of space around them: galleries, open deserts, desolate streets along a derelict canal. Originally trained as a theoretical physicist, I have been a professor of politics at New York University since 2003, with secondary affiliations in NYU's social psychology and experimental economics groups. I have also taught political theater at NYU. My work as an academic engages fundamental questions about political society and institutions from both strategic and psychological perspectives: why are some authorities seen as legitimate, while others are not? and why do citizens believe the things that they believe about the (political) world around them?

Eric's ArtPrize Entries

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  • Photo of Wars and Rumors of Wars

    Wars and Rumors of Wars

    2016 ArtPrize Entry Eric Dickson
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