Photo of Ed Bonge, Jr.

Ed Bonge, Jr.

Holland, MI, United States

I've always been fascinated with pictures. Eventually, that fascination developed my interest in photography. Understanding how light dramatizes, enlightens, suggests or demands a thought provoking moment kindled a passion to pursue photojournalism. Inspired by the journey and punctuated with the unexpected I began to view the world from a different perspective. As the passage of time introduced life changing interests I realized new challenges. Eventually, those challenges brought me to Michigan where I was introduced to ArtPrize! This will be my fifth year in ArtPrize; my second year at the Women’s City Club. For ArtPrize 10, my photography on canvas is Cathedral Rock, Sedona, Arizona, after a cool February storm. Against an alluring foreground and dramatic sky a "snow-capped" cloud in the distance appears mountainous over a brilliant sandstone landscape. After exploring the Sedona “neighborhood” I realized the fluctuating storm conditions began to subside. Looming in the distance, Cathedral Rock. I sensed a great shot was to be had! After parking the car a fast paced hike toward this landmark resulted in several dramatic images. This is my favorite. Cathedral Rock in all its spiritual brilliance! If you would like to get a little more familiar with my photography please visit

Ed's ArtPrize Entries

These are Ed's official ArtPrize entries from this year and past years.