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Debbie Demyanovich

Brighton, MI, United States

Debbie Demyanovich was born and raised in Southeast Michigan. She spent most of her non-school time with her grandparents since both of her parents worked. Life was non-descript and she wiled away the hours drawing on brown paper grocery bags. Grandpa ruled the TV. They were the middle-est of middle class. Nothing was wasted. Debbie’s happiest memories are of accompanying her grandparents whenever they would take a trip exploring the wonderful state of Michigan. She would go fishing with Grandpa and picked wild berries with Grandma. Afterwards, they made fresh jam. The air smelled so very good. School was difficult for Ms. Demyanovich because she suffered from Attention Deficit Disorder. It was impossible for her to remain seated and pay attention. She even annoyed her art teacher. In spite of the hurdles, she was beginning to get recognition for her artistic abilities. The annoyed art teacher entered a collage’ she had made to the Greenfield Village Children’s Art Competition. During the end-of-year assembly, the annoyed art teacher presented her with her first place ribbon from the Greenfield Village Competition. He then allowed her to return to her seat before calling her back to the front for another achievement award in art. That was repeated until Ms. Demyanovich was holding five awards that she had no idea how she deserved them. She started to take her art seriously. Throughout adulthood, Ms. Demyanovich was plagued by loss and stress. When she was 33 years old, health problems took her husband’s life, leaving her with two young children and being displaced from their home. Insurance at that time had a pre-existing condition clause. Ms. Demyanovich took jobs whenever she could find them until just two short years after the death of her husband, her son was diagnosed with his fathers condition. Through the nightmare of a critically ill child Ms. Demyanovich put herself through two collages studying medical science, to help care for her son, and art to help keep her sanity. She became a medical illustrator for two different medical colleges then a college professor, wanting to help students that struggle as she once had. It took a lifetime to earn her masters degree but Ms. Demyanovich had become tenacious and unwilling to quit or let go. Ms. Demyanovich is a natural scientist and a professional medical illustrator. Her artwork explores that which intrigues her. She is greatly influenced by the works of Leonardo DaVinci, the original medical illustrator and John Singer Sargent, whose paintings come alive with meticulous brushstrokes and engaging use of color, shadow and light. What Ms. Demyanovich wants to convey to her audience is that in spite of the evening news, there is beauty in this world, in the colors, textures, patterns, and space of nature. Nature can restore calm and hope and can regenerate the losses from any tension. People viewing her work should at once feel the mood of the piece. What makes the art of Ms. Demyanovich different is her choice of medium. Her images are constructed entirely of colored glass particles. No paint is ever used. Each piece is built up in many layers and fired between each in a kiln to more than 1,400 degrees F. Each firing can take several days. Glass has unique refractive and reflective possibilities creating a dimension beyond the surface. That is why she finds it so exciting. Ms. Demyanovich has received several first place awards for her Nature in Glass artwork.

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