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Photo of David Jones

David Jones

Lowell, MI, United States

, I have performed professionally since 1973 in various bands including Stillwater, Alive and Well, 'D' Avenue, The Great Lakes Band and Time Hungry, a band made up of lifelong music mates Most recently I play keys for Faux Five.. I have enjoyed writing music since my early teens. From tunes for my daughter's junior high play to getting an honorable mention in Musician magazines Best Unsigned Band In America contest to placing a song in the FX series Snowfall, creating original songs has always been my passion. I have worked for the U.S.P.S. since 1991, play decent tennis ,love my family and 5 grandchildren. This year's song "I Want To See The Day" was co-written by my good friend Jon Wiedyk. It was mixed ,edited and mastered by another good friend, Rusty Benmark. It's about the people who labor behind the scenes for the powers that be. Hoping to be recognized and compensated appropriately one day. .Listen to the song with my soundcloud link found on the entry page for " I Want To See The Day". Step Out consists of myself, Jon, Rusty, Ryder jones, Pamela Jones and Tom Pickle. We will perform during Artprize at Peppino's downtown. Watch for dates and times.

David's ArtPrize Entries

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