Photo of Daryl Bruischat

Daryl Bruischat

HOLLAND, MI, United States

Daryl Bruischat’s sculptural work is created from heating and cooling variously shaped copper pieces in a series of rapid movements, then assembling the various brilliant colored pieces into works that gather the eye then the mind around the abstract composition. His work on sunflowers hangs whimsically. His pieces on circuses and outposts seem to emerge to life from the stands they are placed on. His work on numbers celebrates both the typography as well as the symbolism behind the number. Daryl graduated from GVSU and attended the University of Michigan for graduate work in printmaking and sculpture, studying with Takashi Takahara. He has traveled the world extensively, mostly for his work designing and engineering environmental chambers. After a horrific accident left him fighting for life, he has turned his attention to art. He traces his mobility and current health on the physical and spiritual healing qualities of art.

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