Photo of Dan Woerner

Dan Woerner

Bloomington, IN, United States

With a vested interest in all things pulp: TV sitcoms, comics, B-horror movies and Time Life Books, Dan Woerner and Kate Burnet weave together new narratives with disparate parts through their animated videos, drawings, and installations. Certain themes and images are regular players in their work such as the desert, whales, abandoned urban landscapes, cars on fire, bad weather, flannel shirts and other instruments for taking a look at the American experience. By primarily using the language of filmmaking, the artists extract characters in order to highlight their role as conduits of heartbreak and reconciliation. Viewers are invited to contemplate the darker corners of the everyday through interactive experiences made up of videos, drawings, and props. Dan Woerner and Kate Burnet are most interested in the refuse the rest of us would prefer to forget. Their work grafts our memories of the past with our prospects for the future from fragments of pop culture and other detritus to tell stories that are old as dirt.

Dan's ArtPrize Entries

These are Dan's official ArtPrize entries from this year and past years.

  • Photo of Mild America

    Mild America

    2018 ArtPrize Entry Dan Woerner & Kate Burnet
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  • Photo of Inside Outside

    Inside Outside

    2016 ArtPrize Entry Indiana University Sculpture MFAs
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Dan's Past Work

These are images of past work that Dan has done.

  • Dan's past work
  • Dan's past work
  • Dan's past work