Corridor Coffee

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Serving premium coffee & espresso from an 1885 sewing supplies shop, Corridor is a coffee shop in Grand Rapids, MI where everyone is welcome! Whether you live in the neighborhood, across town, or are just passing through, we want you to know that you always have a place to go to relax and enjoy your favorite coffee, latte, mocha, miel, americano, tea and much more! Corridor was founded in 2018 by Melissa Somero and Max Friar. Melissa grew up in Traverse City and has an MA in Historic Preservation. Max grew up on the West Side and attended St. James Elementary. Both have been lovers of good coffee, good friends and good environments for as long as they can remember. We're looking forward to seeing you! ??????

Visitor Amenities
  • Free Public Restrooms: Yes
  • Free Public Parking: Yes
  • Physically Accessible: Yes