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Christophe Obolo

New Milford, NJ, United States

Christophe Obolo is an Artist, Designer and Inventor who is inspired by the Masks of Gabon in Central Africa as well as Science. He holds a B.S. in Biology from Virginia State University. Christophe is the proud father of two daughters and is married to Jemalyn. Christophe and his family love to travel when he is not busy painting or working at a large Healthcare Company. Christophe is the Inventor & Designer of the Avocado Ripening Box, an organic generator that ripens ethylene producing fruits such as avocados, Kiwi, passion fruits within 48 hours. I know you will love this in Michigan in bitter winter months. This invention and design are a work of art by themselves: US Patent Pending/Non-provisional patent is under review by USPTO. Lastly, how many artists are also inventors? probably a few. This is to say that I don't limit my imagination to abstracts. I am a realist... But wait, before you accept or reject my arts, I would like to ask that you embrace the unusual and uncommon arts just as much as I embrace acceptance and rejection as a form of art. let's say that masks are like either love them or hate them. But if you love them, it will be forever and you will be rewarded because they will take you deep into a special, intriguing and loving journey, maybe they will take you into the Congo! No kidding, you will kiss them forever!!! Christophe, Your American Mask Artist

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