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Chris Callor

Boise, ID, United States

I am the product of my environment. Learning new ways and unlearning negative ways are two of my favorite hobbies. I have enjoyed tapping in to my spiritual roots in prepartation for ArtPrize. As much as I enjoy simply observing life, I also am a firm believer in taking action in order to manifest my dreams and improve the world around me. I find myself immersed in the creation of art and time ceases to exist. Although I have no children, Transcendence is my Baby and I am so proud of her. We have spent the last 2 years together and I look forward to sharing my work with you. My outer adult sponsors my inner child while third eye provides guidance. I have taken 12 steps over 7 years, sat and served 4 Vipassanas, travel as often as finances allow and I love love. I grew up in Michigan, graduated from MSU in 1996 yet my inner child still plays in Black Rock City. I am a drummer in a hard rock band, white water kayaker, backpacker and creator of my small part in this almost infinite multiverse. Come give me a high five and tell me about yourself. I am working hard to earn your votes. More history.... In 2017, I entered my first art competition, "Art&Soul; of the Magic Valley", and won two awards; Best in Show and Judges Choice / Honorable Mention. I launched an art tour in 2017 and had 8 exhibits. It was so much fun that I launched a 2018 tour with grant-funded installations in Texas, Colorado, Nevada and I am now fully invested in ArtPrize. I am absolutely thrilled to be exhibiting at Studio D2D this year. My vision is to buy a car and tour Europe with my art in 2019, your vote will help make this dream reality.

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