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Port Huron, MI, United States

As a contemporary artist, I believe I have been given the tools to help humanity with one of its great struggles: to understand itself. My work focuses on human nature—our experiences, our relationships, our emotions. This type of subject matter is extremely personal for me and deeply intimate. Everything I create is in a Neo-Figurative Expressionist style that uses the human form as its vessel. Through color, line, geometry, and realism I am constantly seeking to visually express this severely emotional, dynamic life. Every piece is both formal and conceptual in a very intentional way, all of which serving the ultimate goal of expression. Whether it be a word or a glance or a melody or an emotion, anything can initiate an idea that compels me to express. And I recognize this working philosophy as that of a synthesis. Input enters and is then processed by the living machine, creating art. Everything I produce is an outward manifestation of something that first started within my person. With this idea, I greatly acknowledge the importance of the artist in relation to his or her work. I believe I am an extension of the art and a subjective experience. Life itself is an artist’s greatest masterpiece and it is the integration of these elements that comprise the ever-growing process that is Chrilz.

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  • Chrilz's past work