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Cate Strumbos

Clawson, MI, United States

When I was 12, I dreamed of becoming a sculptor. By the time I was 14, I did not believe I understood art well enough to become an artist. It was the 70's and artists were exploring conceptual art. I admired craft and beauty, and conceptual art did not seem like art to me. I spent many years thereafter pursuing various interests and placing myself in various work environments, primarily business. I would often find myself in start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures. I continued to appreciate art over the years. In the last decade, I found myself contemplating art and becoming more involved in the world of art than I had been. One project was a start-up contemporary art museum-the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. About the same time, I met and married a metal sculptor. I found myself participating much more personally in the discussion of work, style, line, how and where inspiration comes from, social interaction and how conceptual art comes into play. When I saw the inside workings of the sleeper box about 4 years ago, I was very taken with it. This started a discussion about trucking and the life of the trucker. Now, with the onset of autonomous driving coupled with an aging workforce that is not being replaced, the social context has become increasingly apparent and poignant. Years ago, I bought a photograph from the turn of the last century when most photographers were focused on the Native American. This photographer had turned his camera to the cowboys and cattle drives, recognizing that this lifestyle too was coming to an end. When asked why I felt the sleeper box was interesting, it was this photograph that came to mind. And, so, Sleeper Box Park was born. This art is not about craft or beauty, but it is a type of art. And, one that goes back to that conceptual world I have been struggling with for decades.

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    Sleeper Box Park

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