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In Silent Ambush

Carol Jurgens's avatar Carol Jurgens

"SPLIT", Jurgens' newest suite of paintings continues her engagement with landscape, combining scientific observation with imaginative engagement as a different way of reading "what we hope for" in relationship to how we think about "what the world tells us, and what is thinkable". Jurgens’ work is a direct observation of beauty in the natural world where land and water converge to textural fields of fossils embedded in crusted earth (see #1), it is through her poetically filtered experiences, found within the landscape, long rooted in consciousness, that uncovers its visual meaning. In this series Jurgens' scraped and layered color images navigate a fine line between abstraction and a highly codified reading of her imagistic references, a lexicon of symbols originated in a visual reality of "bombs bursting in air”, ranging from an exploding flower, (a chrysanthemum the Japanese sign\symbol for good luck), sweet and heavy water, and ribbons of air currents radiating loci, Chernob

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
  • Depth: 1
  • Medium: Acrylic
  • Width: 8
  • Year created: 2010
  • Height: 5