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Carly Norris

niles, MI, United States

Largely self-taught, I love experimenting with color, texture, and photographic images I have taken. I have a deep interest and love for history and finding beauty and meaning in places and things that are not commonly thought of as beautiful. I work full time as a picture framer which gives me a chance to work constantly with color and textures, creating pieces that showcase the art they frame, while expanding the design to encompass the frame and matting as part of a whole new work of art. In my free time, I love to travel the countryside, searching for abandoned places or natural beauty to photograph and bring home to work into my art, manipulating them in Photoshop as collages, details, layers of a story that I am constantly trying to tell. I also enjoy searching the woods and barnyards of lonely places, bringing parts and pieces of things that I can incorporate into my work, whether it means sifting through an old burn pile for metal scraps or bringing home twigs and pieces of bark and leaves to inspire my work. My love of animals and my life on a farm is also evident, as I often incorporate horse hair, rabbit wool, feathers, eggshells, and other textures from the livestock around me into my pieces.

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