One of my favorite parts about working with ArtPrize over the last five years has been the conversations that I have witnessed between participants - and how these conversations have led to really meaningful and lasting relationships. What others have shared with me about how these connections have changed them and what ArtPrize in turn has come to mean to them is increadibly powerful stuff.

When improbable groups gather (as we see happen during ArtPrize) to celebrate, to inspire and to be inspired, they tap into a different kind of creativity and activate a deeper version of innovation - therein lies the very unique potential we have during ArtPrize to affect culture and redefine our own place of belonging.  These improbable groups redefine the very features of their contrast, making permanent change on the places that they - for a few weeks every fall - share.

We in turn asked ourselves, what more can we do to foster these connections between artists, professional critics and the public?  And what does it look like to create a new framework of participation and belonging - one that invites everyone in.  We always say that ArtPrize belongs to those who participate in it - so how can we rally these people together in a way that is both meaningful - and fun.

Today we launched ArtClub, our new membership program that allows ArtPrize participants this very framework. We are asking for anyone who loves ArtPrize to think about joining. It is certainly about the perks (of course!) but this program - at its core - is about something else. It is about building true community and  authentic connections between people, and ultimately furthering the ideal that what is created between people is equal in power to what is created by people. We see a generous vision of both during ArtPrize.

ArtClub is here to enhance your ArtPrize experience and make it easier for you to share your experiences with others. Designed by you and for you, ArtClub represents the best of our community, a community I am very proud to belong to. I look forward to enjoying what is so good about ArtPrize with you.

By Amelea Pegman on