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Our Walking Paths this year have evolved into being less strenuous as well as a way to learn about Grand Rapids one neighborhood at a time. Each walking path, between one and 2.2 miles, begins at Rosa Parks Circle and reaches out into each of the 5 neighborhoods in the ArtPrize district. We can now reach out to more venues and cover more ground. With each path starting and ending at Rosa Park Circle, it is easy to locate your next path and follow into a different part of the city. All neighborhoods are unique in their own way and we’re thrilled that this year’s walking paths will help you explore all the awesomeness of every nook and cranny of Grand Rapids. To help you choose which path is the best one for YOU to start with, this week’s blog posts will overview what you’ll see, smell, hear and feel in each neighborhood. Let’s look at Westside...

- Some say the Westside is the best side. Find out for yourself by adventuring through the Westside walking path. This path has notable stops such as Ah-Nab-Awen Park, Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, the Grand Rapids Public Museum, Louis Campau Promenade, and a trail through Grand Valley State University’s Pew campus, as well as many more.

- 2.2 miles in length, this path has a lot to see.

- If you feel like you’ve gone too far, don’t worry, DASH to the Hill and DASH West bus stop locations are close by.

- This is a great path to view the Grand River from as you’ll be journeying over both the Gillet Bridge and the Blue Bridge. Multiple ArtPrize entries can be found on both bridges and in the river. Make sure to hit the DeVos Place Convention Center on your way back to Rosa Parks circle to loop another walking path.

The National Endowment for the Arts awarded ArtPrize an Our Town grant to help us keep ArtPrize active. Want to track your steps for ArtPrize? Download the MapMyWalk mobile app and search for ArtPrize as a friend. There you will find all of the walking paths right on your phone. So, enjoy being healthy and happy while learning about art.

By Annie DeYoung on