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ArtPrize is TOMORROW! You know what this means? VOTING! You know what voting means? MAPS! With ArtPrize opening tomorrow at 12pm it is important that you register to vote and put on your critiquing goggles. This simple process of voting is the easiest way to get involved with ArtPrize and experience it to the fullest.

How to Register
You must register every year before voting. There are two ways you can register to vote:

1.) Free ArtPrize Mobile App
This is the quickest and easiest way to register. Open the app anywhere within the ArtPrize boundary and you’ll be registered to vote in a snap. Login with your Facebook Profile and share with all of your friends all the great things you are doing with ArtPrize. This app is extremely useful in the field. It provides:

- Interactive Map
- Venue and Artist List
- Accessible Voting

*The ArtPrize Mobile app is available for iOS (Apple) and Android devices.

2.) One Time Check In at a Voting Site
Check into one of our 9 Voting Sites where a volunteer will get you registered to vote, give you a map and help you make the most of your ArtPrize experience.

- If you have registered in the past, then all you will have to do is register your account for 2013 through one of these two methods.
- If you register on your mobile device and would still like a free map, go to anyone of the votings sites and there you can receive the map.

*To vote at ArtPrize you must first check in at a voting site with a government issued I.D., or sign in with the mobile app while you are within the boundaries

Voting Sites:
The ArtPrize HUB: 41 Sheldon Blvd SE, Grand Rapids, Mi. 49503
Cathedral Square: 360 S Division Ave, Grand Rapids, Mi. 49503
Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park: 1000 East Beltline Ave NE, Grand Rapids, Mi. 49525
Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum: 303 Pearl St NW, Grand Rapids, Mi. 49504
Grand Rapids Art Museum: 101 Monroe Center NW, Grand Rapids, Mi. 49503
Kendall College of Art and Design: 17 Pearl St NW,  Grand Rapids, Mi. 49503
Monroe Community Church: 800 Monroe Ave NW, Grand Rapids, Mi
Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts: 2 W Fulton St, Grand Rapids, Mi. 49503
Women's City Club: 254 E Fulton St, Grand Rapids, Mi. 49503

What do you think?
This question is asked countless times at ArtPrize, and your answer counts.  $360,000 in prizes, including a $200,000 first prize are determined solely by public vote.  Here is how it works:

OPEN VOTING - ROUND 1: September 18 - September 28
-Vote on the entire ArtPrize exhibition, 1524 entries in total.
-Vote for every entry you feel should move on to round two, the 2013 ArtPrize Top Ten. 
-At 12AM on September 29, all votes will be counted and the Top Ten entries will be announced at 1PM.

TOP TEN VOTING - ROUND 2: September 28 - October 3
-Vote once for your favorite of the Top Ten entries.
-At 12AM on October 4, all top ten votes will be counted.
-The winners will be announced at the 2013 ArtPrize Awards, October 4th at 8PM.

Three ways to Vote:
1.) Mobile App
Download the free ArtPrize app, that you possibly registered on, and vote on the go!

2.) Online
Sign-in to your account on artprize.org, then click “FIND ART” to search by artist or venue. You can also enter the artist’s 5-digit code into the search bar. You may only start voting online if you've registered at one of our 9 voting sites (listed above) or registered by the mobile app within the ArtPrize boundaries

3.) Text
The last option would be to text. When you register to vote at a voting site you can add your mobile phone number to your artprize.org account. You’ll then receive a confirmation text message from ArtPrize. Once validated, vote by texting the artist vote codes to 808080.

Why Vote?
Because it is not only the easiest way to get involved in ArtPrize but it is important that your vote/critique counts. YOU make the decisions. Learn about the art, explore the art, and VOTE for your favorite!

By Annie DeYoung on