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Artist registration is officially closed. More than 1,700 artists are working hard to create their entries for this fall’s event. They’ve all put an enormous amount of energy into planning and producing their pieces, many beginning more than a year ago. And now, their hope of participating in ArtPrize 2021 hinges on securing a venue.

You see, if an artist doesn’t secure a venue by the July 8 deadline, they won’t be able to show their work at ArtPrize, interact with visitors, have the opportunity to find a buyer, and ultimately share their creative inspiration with hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world.

Our goal is for as many artists to participate this September as possible.

If each venue were to host 11 entries, every single artist who signed up would be able to participate. Every single one.

Here’s where you come in. 

Take a look at your space - inside and out, walls and windows, ceilings and floors, sidewalks and facades, alleyways and social zones - and consider how an artist could make that space more beautiful, more engaging, more likely to draw visitors from every corner of the city.

You can host as many artist entries in your venue as you want. See 5, 10, 100 pieces on our website that you want to display in your space? Go for it! Reach out to those artists!

Over the next two weeks, you have the ability to shape the landscape of ArtPrize 2021. We cannot wait to see the shows you put together.

By Jaenell Woods on