As ArtPrize 2013 - and the August 14 Volunteer Kickoff Party - grows nearer, our Volunteer Team’s inbox is filling up with more and more volunteer inquiries. Every day we’re astounded hearing the amazing stories of past volunteers. We’ve been amazed - and extremely grateful - for the incredibly large numbers of past volunteers who are excited to return. This passion and excitement from our volunteers plays an integral role in driving the experience not only for ArtPrize guests, but for ArtPrize staff as well.

Our volunteers here at ArtPrize come from all sorts of backgrounds and each have their own experiences to bring to the table. Students, teachers, retired professionals, working professionals, young and old, it doesn’t matter your background because by opening day everyone becomes part of the team, contributing their knowledge, their smile, and their support for the community.

Last year our volunteer team was made up of over 700 people who contributed to pre- and post- event setup and take down, hospitality for guest and volunteers, retail sales, voter registration, and leadership positions, as well as many other support positions. This year our volunteer programs is growing and we have even more positions to fill. Some of those positions include continued positions in Wayfinding, Voter Registration, and the Public Lounge.

We have also added positions in the Kids Art Room, volunteers as Docents, and the HUB Café. Our new volunteer opportunities will give ArtPrize volunteers the ability to utilize their talents in a variety of other ways.

For a more detailed description of both our new and old volunteer opportunities and positions, please visit the volunteer portion of the ArtPrize website.

Here at ArtPrize the volunteer team can’t wait for the stories we’ll create, share, and build together with each of the volunteers who make this event the goodness that it is. We can’t wait to get to know you, your talents, and your ArtPrize passion.

By Amelea Pegman on