The first weeked of ArtPrize brought pockets of sunshine, lots of enthusiasm, and FREE pedicab rides for ArtClub members from Green Machine Pedicabs. Our good friend over at Green Machine, Mark Hendershot, is offering free pedicab rides from 6-8pm Monday through Saturday for ArtClub members. We feel very lucky indeed!

How do you get on, you ask? All you need is an ArtClub Badge to jump on board the Green Machine at any of the three designated pedicab stops: the ArtClub clubhouse above J. Gardella’s, the Hub, and Rosa Parks Circle. If you don't see Mark, feel free to give him a call at: 616.560.1728.

Green Machine Pedicabs offer customized tours of ArtPrize too. So, for example, if you want to explore all of the ArtPrize venues in the Heartside neighborhood on Sunday afternoon, call Mark for your personalized tour. Pedicab tours, available throughout the three square mile ArtPrize venues, offer a great way to see ArtPrize. Green Machine Pedicab tours start at 2 hours and can be booked through owner Mark Hendershot at 616.560.1728, or

If you have never taken a pedicab ride - you are in for a treat. We could not be more thrilled to offer our ArtClub members this perk - THANK YOU Green Machine!

By Amelea Pegman on