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Back for a second year, the Pantone Pathways—presented by X-Rite Pantone—are the perfect way to launch your ArtPrize Eight adventure and navigate around the event. Each of the six distinct Pathways highlights the character of their respective neighborhoods while showcasing Featured Venues and accommodating visitor needs.

With 90% of all ArtPrize Venues and Artist entries within one block of a Pathways, you can use any Pathway to start your ArtPrize adventure and explore beyond the familiar. While you’re out, make sure to check out the ArtPrize Eight Mobile App—available for download for iOS and Android devices—to find Venues near you, stay up-to-date on events and announcements, and vote for your favorite pieces.

Wondering where to find a Pathway? Stop by your nearest Neighborhood HUB, and one of our friendly volunteers will help direct you. You can register to vote and pick up an ArtPrize Event Guide and Map while there. Taking the bus downtown? Each Silver Line stop connects with one of our Pathways, so you’ll have no trouble getting started!

Let’s take a deeper look at each of the Pathways:

Heartside Pathway

With 2.1 miles of art to discover along the Heartside Pathway, begin your journey at the Fulton Street Silver Line stop, on the corner of Fulton St E and Crescent St NE. Make your way to the UICA and drop in the Heartside HUB where you can register to vote, ask ArtPrize Volunteers any questions, and shop the ArtPrize Eight retail line. Follow the Pathway markers to Featured Venues such as Western Michigan University, Avenue for the Arts, The Pyramid Scheme, Calvin (106) Gallery, Dime & Regal, Parliament Boutique, and the Harris Building—where you’ll find fantastic exhibitions including several Artist Seed Grant winners.

Center City Pathway

The Center City Pathway places you in the middle of one of the most energetic neighborhoods in the ArtPrize district where you’ll find restaurants, museums, shopping, and Rosa Parks Circle—an ArtPrize epicenter of family activities, concerts, and important announcements. Take the Silver Line to the DeVos Place stop on Monroe Ave. NW, and stop by Center City HUB at GRAM to get registered to vote, shop ArtPrize Eight retail, and pick up an Event Guide and Map. Once you’ve been welcomed to ArtPrize, walk the 2.2-mile Pathway to catch glimpses of the Grand River as well as Featured Venues including VandenBerg (Calder) Plaza, Kendall College of Art and Design, GRAM, Gillett Bridge, Lyon Square, and 250 Monroe. Packed with Pitch Night winners, Featured Public Projects, Artist Seed Grant, and Venue Grant recipients and Fellowship for Emerging Curators exhibitions—you don’t want to miss the Center City Pathway.

Hillside Pathway

Park your car at one of the seven Meijer Park & Ride locations and take the Silver Line to the Medical Mile bus stop on the corner of Michigan St NE and Bostwick Ave NE. Once you’ve arrived at Hillside, head to the Women’s City Club to find the Hillside HUB where ArtPrize Volunteers will help you register to vote for your favorite entries and answer any questions. Then follow the Hillside Pathway through 1.8 miles of 19th and 20th century preserved homes, taking time to explore Hillside Featured Venues like [HAS HEART] at Veterans Memorial Park, Fountain Street Church, and Peaches Bed & Breakfast—recipients of ArtPrize Venue Grants—and the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum.

Monroe North Pathway

Located by Belknap Lookout, the area’s unique vantage point atop a towering 160-foot bluff overlooking Grand Rapids, the Monroe North Pathway will take you along 1.1 miles of featured Venues including SpeakEZ Lounge, Inspiration Arts Studio, the City Water Building, and Monroe Community Church. Take the Silver Line to the DeVos Place bus stop and navigate to the Monroe North HUB at DeVos Place. From here, you can register to vote, pick up an Event Guide and Map, and grab ArtPrize swag before you head out to explore the event.

Westside Pathway

The Westside neighborhood provides a glimpse back in time. Grand Rapids’ history comes to life through the restored 1928 carousel in the Public Museum, the Blue Bridge built in 1892, and the Gerald R Ford Presidential Museum. From the Silver Line, hop off at the DeVos Place bus stop and walk across the Gillett Bridge to make your way to the Westside HUB at the Ford Museum. From the Westside HUB, the Pathway will lead you through the two vibrant and diverse business districts of West Leonard and Stockbridge. Enjoy the outdoors with Featured Venues including Ah-Nab-Awen Park, the Blue Bridge, and the Grand River. Grand Rapids’ Westside is an eclectic mix of Polish, German, and Latino culture and cuisine, and with one mile of Westside Pathway, you will be sure to experience all that the neighborhood has to offer.

Access Art Pathway

While all ArtPrize Pathways are created to provide the least amount of barriers to visitors, the one-mile Access Art Pathway is curated with your mobility in mind, specifically individuals who use wheelchairs, walkers, or strollers. This route will take visitors into the Center City and Heartside Neighborhoods, going past the GRAM, UICA, and ArtPrize HUB/HQ. Take the Silver Line to the Fulton Street bus stop and make your way to the ArtPrize HUB/HQ at 41 Sheldon Blvd to register to vote, shop the full ArtPrize Eight retail line (including exclusive items only available at HUB/HQ!), and pick up an event guide and map. Want to view ArtPrize Eight from the road? Take the Silver Line from the DeVos Place bus stop to the Fulton Street bus stop to view ArtPrize Eight Entries and activities.

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