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The Pantone Pathways, presented by X-Rite Pantone, returns to ArtPrize 2021 and will take you within one block of most ArtPrize venues. Each of the three pathways cover a different section of the 3-square-mile ArtPrize district, and some conveniently intersect with DASH routes throughout the city. Simply follow the colorful sidewalk stencils and use the venue listing in the Event Guide to visit venues on the route. All Pantone Pathways are curated with your accessibility in mind.

Find a description of each Pantone Pathway below and view them in our ArtPrize 2021 Event Guide. To access the event guide, view/download it here or pick one up during the event at one of our six ArtPrize newspaper receptacles at the following locations:

  • Rosa Parks Circle
  • Gillette Bridge
  • Studio Park
  • Ah-Nab-Awen Park
  • Blue Bridge
  • Calder Plaza

Purple Pantone Pathway // North Loop:

Covering 3.2 miles, the purple North Loop takes you through a combination of the hustle and bustle of downtown and the slightly less-crowded northern pathway along the Grand River.

Need somewhere to start? Stop by DeVos Place (41 entries), to view their carefully curated exhibit which includes the artwork of grant recipient, Magdelena Palmowska. From there, head to the heart of downtown or up towards Monroe Community Church (21 entries) to see artwork of all shapes and sizes. 

Green Pantone Pathway // West Loop:

While it is our shortest pathway at 1.9 miles, this walk is a journey worth taking. Not only will you hit the Grand Rapids Public Museum (22 entries), you’ll also come across grant winners Yuge Zhou & Hwa-Jeen Na in Ah-Nab-Awen Park (4 entries).

As an added bonus, you can grab a bite to eat at one of our venues along Bridge Street in the northern section of this pathway.

Orange Pantone Pathway // South Loop:

With 2.2 miles of art to discover along the South Loop, you can begin your journey along Fulton Street before heading south into Heartside Neighborhood. To do this, you can make your way to the The B.O.B. (57 artworks)  and loop down to Water Colors Aquarium Gallery (24 entries) to see a combination of installations, 3D and 2D artwork, including grant winner Quinn Matthews at Studio Park (22 entries).

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