Below you’ll find a quick and easy #ArtAtHome assignment: to make your very own air-powered car with simple materials. This art-based challenge is part of a series that celebrates past ArtPrize-winning entries. More in the series to come soon!

Air-Powered Car

Use your engineering skills to construct an air-powered car with recycled materials you can around the house.

  • Use cardboard to build the body of the car  
  • Use bottle caps for the wheels
  • Use skewers or sticks for the axles
  • Use a balloon and straw for the engine
  • Additional supplies: tape, scissors, markers

When creating any object, always think about the materials being used and their environmental impact. Can you think of other environmentally friendly ways to create art at home inspired by the ArtPrize winner below?

This challenge was inspired by:

Plan B by Rick and Rose Beerhorst, Andre Beaumont, and Mike Hoyte at ArtPrize 2010, winner of the Best Use of Urban Space Juried Award

The group of artists who collaborated on Plan B wanted to bring attention to our extreme dependency on fossil fuels. The demonstrated alternative forms of living that are more self-sufficient. The artists and volunteers took over an urban park with a makeshift homestead that included a bike-powered electric generator, a sand and gravel water purifier, tents constructed from tree limbs and billboard vinyl, and foods foraged from the park itself. Creative reuse is an important focus for many artists as well as large corporations. Making renewable forms of energy and products from reused materials is a crucial focus for designers as our fossil fuel resources dwindle.

By Allison Palm on