ArtPrize has been selected by KaBOOM! as one of the Top 200 Finalists in the Play Everywhere Challenge, aimed to create community-driven solutions that integrate play into everyday life. ArtPrize has proposed to create a Pop-Up Art Park located directly outside the HUB Headquarters.

This open and safe green space will serve as a center of creative exploration, and a social space for families and individuals to come together. Open morning through evening for 19 days, reachable by any form of transportation, activities are free and designed to avoid financial, social, and language barriers through intuitive and familiar activities that allow play to begin immediately.

We're moving through the next stage of planning -- and we need your help!

What is the best play experience in a public place that you or your family have had? What activities would you be interested in seeing at the Pop-Up Art Park? Let us know by completing this short survey.

Thank you in advance for your feedback! It is greatly appreciated.

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