Now is a time for coming together while staying apart. Our city’s businesses, restaurants, museums, galleries, theaters and more are going through a difficult time as social distancing keeps us from dining out, grabbing drinks with friends, catching a movie, checking out the latest exhibition. We need to rally together to help keep their cash flow moving so they can take care of their employees and ride out this uncertain time. Below are a few ideas.

✔️Buy gift cards for a post-COVID-19 date night (or five). Thinking ahead to a time after social distancing keeps us all going. Your future self will thank you for grabbing gift cards to your favorite local restaurant, movie theater, music venue, bar — whether you plan to treat your partner, friends, family or yourself to a much-needed outing.

✔️Order takeout or delivery. Extend the life of your pantry. Enjoy a delicious meal you didn’t have to cook after a long day of working while also homeschooling. Keep our city’s restaurants in business and their staff employed. Win win win.

✔️Keep your memberships going. Is it time to renew your museum, zoo, gym or other membership? Consider renewing now, or signing up if you’re not a member. We can’t visit just yet, but we’ll be able to (hopefully) soon. You’ll also be supporting the online content they’re sharing now — book readings, exhibition tours, animal safaris, free workouts, and more.

✔️Plan a self-care day. When the anxiety and stress of our current situation subside, treat yourself. Prepare for the ultimate pamper day by getting gift cards to your hair salon, spa and nail salon.

✔️Shop your favorite local boutiques online. Many local shops have online stores. Consider giving them your business before making your next purchase from a national retailer.


Image: Whisper by Emily Kennerk at ArtPrize 2015. Photo by Drew Davis

By Jaenell Woods on