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Three reasons why busing ArtPrize is great:
1. Cheap
2. Economically friendly
3. Quick

Riding the bus is easy. First you must acquire a wristband. These wristbands are 2 for $5 and can be found at any Exhibition Center, Showcase Venue, the HUB, or any of our 9 participating Meijer locations. These wristbands will get you on any bus that will take you around the ArtPrize district and beyond.

The Rapid and DASH, Downtown Area Shuttle, will be ArtPrize’s transportation for this year’s event. The Rapid is our very own transportation system of Grand Rapids and will continue to run its existing routes. These routes reach outside of the ArtPrize district meaning you can ride in and not worry about the inconvenience of parking. The DASH provides great connections east to west with DASH West and DASH to the Hill. *NEW 2013 ALERT* Together we’ve created a new DASH North & South route that stretches throughout the ArtPrize district magnificently. Typically running during business hours, the DASH has extended the frequencies of buses as well as decided to run on weekends for all of the 400,000 visitors to Grand Rapids during ArtPrize!

We will be running Meijer Park & Ride again! This is a program that allows you to park at any of the seven Meijer locations we have teamed up with and ride into the downtown area. The chart below describes which Meijer’s are involved and what bus route to hop on.

Three easy steps to getting on the bus:
1. Find the bus you'll need to be on by using the ArtPrize Map, Rapid Trip Planner, or multiple tools provided
2. Find your stop located along the route - Frequencies posted at each location
3. Ride the bus - When your stop is next pull the yellow cord above your head to alert the driver to stop

For more information and scheduling check out ridetherapid.org. This will guide you to the handy dandy Trip Planner that has all venues linked in for easy mapping. For bus frequencies refer to this schedule below:

Not only are both the Rapid and DASH a quick and easy way to get from one side of Grand Rapids to the next, the bus is a great way to enjoy ArtPrize in a flash. Both systems are handicap accessible! Riding the bus for the 19 days during ArtPrize is not only saving the world but saving your wallet as well.

Over and Out!

**UPDATE - Septemeber 11th**
For Meijer Park & Ride, the Gaines Township Meijer stop located at 1801 Marketplace SW will not be running on Saturday or Sundays. Do not wait for the bus as it will not show up. Thank you!

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