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Two wheels just might be your best friend for getting around ArtPrize quickly and efficiently.

Grand Rapids is a safe place to ride your bike. We have lanes that travel along roads and racks are located in multiple places around the city. Free Bike Maps will also be located at the Grand Rapids Art Museum, Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, and at the HUB. These maps are extremely helpful in getting around on bike. This tool has all of the information about safe roads, and the location of bike racks, as well as education on how to ride on the road with cars. Check out the Bike Map to learn everything you need to know about biking downtown Grand Rapids.

Don't own a bike or have a bike in town? No problem. Central District Cyclery is our prefered bike shop and rentals station. They are located in Center City at 52 Monroe Center, between Ionia and Division. They provide hourly and day rates, which includes a helmet and lock for safety.

Green Machine Pedicabs are also available for rentals, which allows you to sit back and enjoy a beautiful ride through Grand Rapids. To rent through Green Machine Pedicab you may either call Mark Henderson at 616.560.1728, email, or inquire through the Green Machine Pedicab facebook page linked above. These tours are customizable and have free downtown parking available. Explore ArtPrize via pedicab by checking all of the services Green Machine Pedicab has to offer. 

Pedicab rides are also available through ArtFitness Bike Tours, which is another way to get involved with your bike this year at ArtPrize. By joining our ArtFitness Bike Tour, partnered with Central District Cyclery and Green Machine Pedicab, you are bound to having a great time. ArtFitness, developed by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver, is a refreshing way to exercise your ability to talk about contemporary art. Rather than focus on history and terminology, ArtFitness Bike Tours feature discussions that focus on the basic questions around art. The tours will follow a loop through downtown, stopping at venues with outdoor ArtPrize installations. So put on your thinking caps, that can double as a helmet, and obtain your tickets at the ArtPrize HUB starting September 18th. For dates and times check out our Events Page

Why ride a bike? Because it is an active way to engage in the energy of ArtPrize. Biking is extremely quick and easy way of getting around and into places that bigger vehicles just don’t fit. Take your bike for a spin and enjoy all of the creativity ArtPrize has to show.

By Annie DeYoung on