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Our Walking Paths this year have evolved into being less strenuous as well as a way to learn about Grand Rapids one neighborhood at a time. Each walking path, between one and 2.2 miles, begins at Rosa Parks Circle and reaches out into each of the 5 neighborhoods in the ArtPrize district. With each path starting and ending at Rosa Park Circle, it is easy to locate your next path and follow into a different part of the city. All neighborhoods are unique in their own way and we’re thrilled that this year’s walking paths will help you explore all the awesomeness of every nook and cranny of Grand Rapids. To help you choose which path is the best one for YOU to start with, this week’s blog posts will overview what you’ll see, smell, hear and feel in each neighborhood. Let’s look at Heartside...

Walking through Heartside you’ll find shops, restaurants, art galleries, even ArtPrize headquarters the HUB. Heartside is the home to Grand Rapid’s creativity and innovation. The Avenue for the Arts has leading art centers such as the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, Calvin College’s (106) Gallery, and Sanctuary Folk Art, gallery and home to Reb Roberts since 1999. Strolling down South Division you will find another Showcase Venue, Cathedral Square. Heartside is a place of revitalization and hope. Not only are fine arts created in this neighborhood but fine brews and food to eat. Heartside is filled with restaurants and bars for your taste buds to enjoy. You’ll also find J. Gardella’s, 11 Ionia Ave, ArtPrize’s very own Clubhouse to ArtClub Members. As you can see this walking path is full of energy and enthusiasm with imagination busting at the seams.

The National Endowment for the Arts awarded ArtPrize an Our Town grant to help us keep ArtPrize active. Want to track your steps for ArtPrize? Download the MapMyWalk mobile app and search for ArtPrize as a friend. There you will find all of the walking paths right on your phone. No smartphone? Come into the HUB for your walking path map and pedometer. So, enjoy being healthy and happy while learning about art!

By Annie DeYoung on