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ArtPrize is radically open and we have changed the event every year of its existence. This is how we keep the experiment interesting.

Today we announced a comprehensive restructuring of our awards format for 2014. The new structure will bring two parallel tracks of public vote and juried awards with equal prize amounts. We believe these changes to the ArtPrize structure have the potential to transform the dynamic of the event by further exploring the tension between public and expert opinion.

Public Vote Awards Juried Awards
Grand Prize $200,000 Grand Prize $200,000
Two-Dimensional $20,000 Two-Dimensional $20,000
Three-Dimensional $20,000 Three-Dimensional $20,000
Time-Based $20,000 Time-Based $20,000
Installation $20,000 Installation $20,000

The new award structure will include two Grand Prizes of $200,000, one chosen by public vote and one selected by a panel of three arts experts.

New for 2014, the Grand Prize for the Juried Vote Awards, decided by a panel of three international art experts, has been increased to $200,000. This increase makes the Juried Grand Prize equal to the Grand Prize for the Public Vote Awards. The Grand Prize Public Vote winner will become the artist who earns the most votes. As in previous years, an artist could potentially win both a public vote and juried prize.

Also new for 2014, artists will submit their work into one of four categories: Two-Dimensional, Three-Dimensional, Time-Based or Installation. Eight $20,000 category awards will be given out, four decided by public vote, and four decided by expert jury. In total, $560,000 will be awarded, making this one of the largest art prizes in the world.

More than 400,000 people participated in ArtPrize in 2013, not because we told them that art matters, but because they were part of an ecosystem where they matter to art. 

At the press conference announcing the changes, ArtPrize also released a comprehensive annual report, available at: artprize.org/annualreport. In front of a standing room-only crowd of sponsors and partners,  Christian Gaines, executive director of ArtPrize, walked through a recap of the 2013 event, noting record participation and double-digit growth, including 49,078 registered voters placing 446,850 total votes. 

Art sales during the ArtPrize event increased 25 percent, and ArtPrize connected more than 150 artists to more than 30 contemporary art and design professionals through its first-ever LINK SESSIONS.

“The increasing number of participants in ArtPrize represents an evolving community that exchanges and interprets information from a variety of sources,” said Christian. “This community of artists, professionals and the general public sets itself apart by helping each other learn, present new challenges and think critically about creative action and contemporary art.”

In addition to the announcements regarding voting structure and awards increases, ArtPrize also announced key dates and deadlines for the 2014 event, including:

Venue Registration March 10-April 10
Artist Registration  April 21-June 5
Connections   April 28-June 19

For more information, visit www.artprize.org

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